Ariane Stippa

ari_lowres-20140327_6660 ari-20140327_6138

May I introduce Ariane Stippa, the gorgeous lady blogger behind Primer And Lacquer, where she shares all things beauty and her personal outfits. Ari’s beauty approach is a more natural one, good skin and healthy hair while using really good products. Her wardrobe approach is equally understated but super well edited, investment pieces that don’t go out of fashion and work in her daily life, especially important because she is a young mom ! So it is not surprising that reader’s often comment they would want to own every single thing she is wearing. I would have to agree, starting with those Gucci Loafers.

On the first photo Ari is wearing a cashmere sweater and jacket by Isabel Marant; trousers by L’Art du basic; bag: Céline and loafers by Gucci ; on the second photo in her apartment she is wearing a sweater by Etoile by Isabel Marant.