Birkenstocks – the Original

New York Fashionweek ss2014, day 1, outside Honor, Laurèl Pantin, BirkenstocksParis Fashionweek ss2014 day2, Birkenstock Paris Fashionweek day5, Binx Walton, models, outside Céline, binx walton Paris Fashionweek day5, Binx Walton, models, outside Céline, binx walton


Talking about sandals recently, I can’t get around putting some more focus on the ongoing Birkenstock trend, really one of my favourite fashion trends right now. I mean, how cool is it that the most comfortable flat shoe is considered in style now. Maybe not by everyone I admit but the trend for comfortable flats is definitely one to last and that is amazing news.

It’s funny, if you grew up in Germany, everyone has some kind of feeling of a ‘Birkenstock’, and completely not out of a fashion context. We grew up with them, considered them a bit more of a ‘Müsli’ thing mostly, that you could only wear at home. A long time ago, your inconsiderate boyfriend might have said ‘if you ever wear Birkenstocks, I will leave you’ (seriously, a friend told me this story !. I instead recently saw my dad wearing them at home in a classic navy shade, I am sure he owns them for more than fifteen  years and is entirely unaware of a ‘trend’. Also recently, I saw a Buddhist monk wearing the same style on the street. And yes of course I want exactly the style now ! And then, well, here we go at the shows with Laurel Pantin and Binx Walton styling them up.

With the Birks trend going on, there is another funny thing happening though, it seems the demand is so high, that the production  isn’t quite keeping up, so that well, some styles are as much in demand as a Céline sandal (kind of). The lack of stock is not surprising, the company still remains quite traditional, their site explaining, you that you should be able to keep your shoes for a very long time and rather get them repaired than throwing them away.

I have put my eyes on the all black Monterey Premium, if you find it anywhere in a size 39, please let me know ;).

If you can afford it, you will also find a gorgeous pair by Givenchy, but I prefer to stay with the original for around 50 Euros as Laurel and Binx do …