Comfort zone

joggings-20140222_2567 Paris Fashionweek day 6 outside Stella McCartney

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What do you wear at home ? That’s a question that is strongly on my mind right now after returning from one month of fashion week and spending a lot of time in my home office.

What do you wear when you basically roll out of bed straight to your computer, and to be even more revealing, spend most day working between desk and couch on a laptop ?

I should  add to the question what do you wear when working alone from home with no one watching you ? Well in my case, the answer would be a pair of Stefanel Cashmere ‘lounge’ pants, a tee and a cashmere sweater. I will throw on a pair of jeans or nice trousers for the occasional lunch meeting or for running errands, but when returning home I am ususally guilty of changing in to the most comfortable thing possible.

I came to the conclusion that the reality of my wardrobe needs are for: 40% working at home (comfortable, jogging outfit) , 50% working on a shoot in studio or outdoors (cool and comfortable, mostly denim), 10% going out for dinner or an event (jeans and silk blouse, skirt,blazer, heels) hmmh, ok these numbers are a bit theoretical but you see the point.

So as much as I love fashion and dressing up the reality of my life is practical and comfortable wear. Of course, on every fashion week trip I am inspired by the glamourous crowd and by the most gorgeous heels in the shops and that is why I am admiring a pair of Gianvito Rossi’s on my shelves now. So beautiful … and never worn sadly.

Should I make more effort, and dress up for myself at home ? Maybe.

For now I feel that it is again Stella McCartney who has exactly the answer I was looking for,

The fancy ‘jogging’ pants, or loungewear inspired pants. I am looking at the ‘Dahlia‘ and ‘Taylor’ right now. They look like something comfortable that won’t make me feel too shabby when going outside. Of course the price tag is a high, but given to price to wear ratio, I will at least try the on…

Virginie Mouzat was the one who impressed me the most this fw season showing up in this high end sporty look and in what I believe are Stella’s.  They were of course also spotted after the StellaMcCartney show and on Zanita Morgan who wore the most fashionable version I guess.

So here we go, a very personal round-up of my current wardrobe needs. Maybe different from yours, maybe with some similarities, what it comes down to is to buy clothes that make actually sense in our lives and our routines, for me still a learning process.