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Copenhagen SS2019 full gallery

Copenhagen in summer has the funnest fashionweek of them all. As you can tell it’s super colourful, from bright pastels, to florals, polka dots and zebra patterns in contrast to some all black and white looks that might be more expected from the idea that Danish style is minimalist (which it’s not). Like the term or not, there were some clear trends to depict (we might just wanna call it matchy friends dressing ) : it seemed that every girl was wearing gold chains, the more the better, with cute little elephant pendants for example, all that paired with another trends, boobs, yes they were exposed everywhere underneath transparent tops and bras. Then bike shorts, these would be debatable, except the cute Copenhageners can even pull that off with their sporty legs. Flip flops, paired with neon nail polish, and lastly of course the cowboy trend is huge, Ganni has been celebrating this with their fun dresses and boots.

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