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Dana is no stranger to this blog. One of the owners of Berlin’s WALD store, a shop with a cool and young Berlin attitude.

Together with her store partner Joyce  she is always on the look for new designers and special pieces that not everyone has and that  they would also love to wear themselves.

Not every shop can do their buying according to personal taste, in Wald’s case on the other hand that attitude is essential because the owners  are style influencers themselves.

Here is Dana showing some of her favorites for fall/winter.

Turned out that we shot more of the classic pieces. In the store you will find many Scandinavian designers like FREYA DALSJØ, Carin Wester, Dagmar and Malaikaraiss from Berlin, it’s also a great place to find jewelry. I am fan of the Sophie Hulme and PB 0110 bags they carry.


Picture 1: Jeans: Surface to Air; coat Carin Wester; sweater: Trine Verstergaard; shoes: Reike Nen; earrings: Bukke Have


Picture 2 and 3 left: Jeans: Vintage Levi’s from Dana’s boyfriend; Denim Shirt: Surface to Air; Teddy jacket: Carin Wester


Picture 4: Jeans: Surface to Air; Sweater: Trine Verstergaard (available in Wald Store);  jacket:  Schott NYC; earrings: Adeline Affre


Picture 5: bag: Sophie Hulme


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