Dream Loafers

  detail-20140723_1979-2bnx copy


I know these have been around for a while, but I just rediscovered these Nicholas Kirkwoods for myself on sale and have to pronounce them my current dream loafers. Unfortunately you will hardly find these on sale anymore but directly on the Kirkwood page and at Saks you might get lucky. I found these on Matches.com. I recommend getting them a half size larger because of the pointed toe.

I had one of those style discussions with my friend Elisabeth the other day, the kind of detailed discussion only girls have I guess. Elisabeth usually wears jeans but would like to find a nice pair of suit trousers and change her loko a little from the usual. She feels like you can only wear trousers with a pair of heels which would be unrealistic for her morning walk to work. I feel like an elegant loafer would be the perfect choice, no ? Less girly than Ballerinas, in the above shape super elegant …