Marte Mei van Haaster

Dutch model Marte Mei van Haaster outside the Reed Krakoff show. As with Caroline in the photo before I love the combination of a white dress and black jacket or as in this case a cardigan and the flat shoes. Such similar approaches of dressing, yet such different looks.

I met Marte again the next day on my  flight over London, she is a really sweet and interesting girl who studied Textile Design in Amsterdam and loves photography (here you go with her Mamiya camera …). I was impressed that she would take the overnight flight and continue with the London shows right on arrival, on top of if with a strained foot and let me tell you she wasn’t flying first class either. In the meantime I took a few days off in Berlin … and there you go, it all looks fancy and easy, but models work very hard and don’t get much sleep during fashionweek.

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