The French Vogue Team

Et voilà, the French Vogue Team and my inspiration for the week. In the photo above Capucine Safyurtlu, Emmanuelle Alt and Claire Dhelens …

Emmanuelle Alt says in interviews sometimes that she doesn’t understand why photographers take her pictures again and again in the same outfit and in fact I’ve heard her say it when someone asks what she wears ‘but you’ve photographed me in the same outfit yesterday ?!’ –  note, she says it nicely.

But no, Emmanuelle, you’re wrong, they are not exactly the same outfits but many shades of black and black and grey and brown and just the right fit and nice subtle details … and even if it is sometimes almost the same, Emmanuelle makes it look so glamorous and cool, I can’t get enough of it. And so this week I am inspired by black on black the French Vogue way, I want the look above please just like that. And so I found and old pair of black Zara trousers and I got myself a sweater in Merino wool surprisingly by Repeat, the combination makes me feel immediately well dressed and it works perfectly for the winter. Emmanuelle’s sweater is by Bottega Veneta I believe, I am also quite obsessed with her Balmain belt that she wears like an accessory all the time.

And maybe my favorite trend this season lower heels !

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