grey on grey

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Grey turned out to be one of the winning colors this season, wearing grey on grey is nothing new actually but I haven’t seen it as such an obvious trend in a few years. Grey is easy to combine, it’s cool, a perfect city color (really like black it’s one of those colors that look amazing in an urban environment but less in nature, let me call it NYC grey).

Here are three of my favorite grey pairings I have seen in New York, not only the color but also the trousers, trench, blazer, such beautiful outfits I would want to wear just like it.

I love how Emily Weiss and Barbarba Martelo combine different shades of grey here with black, it reminds me of the black and navy combinations that are common in Paris.

And well the second photo is probably my personal favorite way of color pairing because it looks so fresh, Annina in this perfect grey blazer ( I wish I could tell you where it’s from, she always has amazing jackets) paired with white trousers and shirt and a Céline necklace that really stand out in this simple outfit and saves it from being boring.