inspiration black and blue

PAris fashionweek fw 2014, day 4


Posting men’s pictures these days is not a coincidence. I am working on a men’s style book with my friend Alexa von Heyden, so I have been observing Men’s style more closely. ¬†Generalizing, Men’s dressing is much more simple than women’s and so details like cuts and shades of color are much more important, also I’ve noticed how important shoes can be for man. If you dress simple it might be a pair of sneakers that makes the slight difference every day. I photographed someone for the book today who own’s probably around fifty pairs of sneakers, matching each pair carefully to each outfit.

My personal interest in Men’s fashion is more of a selfish one, I get excited when I see a great combination like on this photo. Why ? Because it shows simple done so well and it can be adapted to Womenswear. I love these two shades of blue paired with a greatly cut black coat, the color of the sweater is just divine. I could see the exact pairing in a more feminine cut and maybe paired with a strong bag or shoes ?