It’s cold outside

so there is no more way to ignore it, it’s freezing outside and like every winter I am wondering how to get through in a cozy warm outfit without looking like a marshmellow, bunny, or something else unrecognizable. I hate to be cold and in the end I tend to give in to the practical less chic options. In my case a puffy red down coat with over-knee boots and big ear muffs, or the layering option of putting a wool sweater and a cardigan + wool coat which doesn’t look that bad, just a bit like a  sausage. I am still hopeful to change this and find the perfect super warm and chic option.

I was looking through my picture archives from the last two years in Paris and found these very glamorous inspirations, and of course there is more to come as the winter is just starting and I have many more things to show you. I have a bit of a dilemma in showing you photos of fur coats, I am mostly against real fur and also a vegetarian, but there is really no denying their beauty. So I will show them hoping that they serve as inspiration for the faux fur or maybe vintage version.

I love love this black coat from the back with the bow of Emmanuelle Alt, so adorable and what a cut ! of course the white white mink fur on the left is a dream and I would love it as the faux version

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