Models after the Louis Vuitton show today and some reflection after Fashionweek

models-2713These girls asked me to take their I-Phone photo today, and rightfully so, as they had just proudly walked the last of Marc Jacobs’ Louis Vuitton shows. wow.

I just arrived home after one month of Fashionweek, as always I can’t believe how quickly it passed, as I feel I just wrote yesterday ‘looking forward to the upcoming one’ … there will be many lovely pictures I am planning to post in the coming weeks but I will say the experience was bitter sweet. The talk of the ‘fashion circus’ is nothing new, but really when you thought it can’t get worse, there have been really crazy moments in Paris. It used to be my favorite place to shoot, now and I share this with many collegues, we prefer Milan as it is still more relaxed. The Tuilieries and Grand Palais as the most prominent places are also the ones where you can’t properly photograph anymore, it’s just too crowded and too much of a fight. And the editors are getting annoyed unfortunately. I also noted, that some of the pioneers like Scott and Garance are really rarely shooting outside the shows in Paris now and you are wondering how much Tommy still enjoys it. Other famous it girls like Elin Kling, well I saw her once, she always wears black now, so does Emily Weiss, you is such a cool chick if you ask me…

That being said, I don’t want to sound all negative. As a fact, when I go through the photos I am still so happy to discover beautiful portraits of very special women and very inspiring designs. And the question of ‘ where is it all gonna go ? ‘ is also a bit of an exciting one, I don’t want to make predictions but if Street Style is losing it’s momentum there will also be something exciting and new coming out of it.

I will certainly be around in the upcoming seasons but who knows maybe moving to fewer or smaller events and backstage, you will know it. For now, I still have plenty if images to share that inspire me and that I hope you will also enjoy.

Puh, and now back home to a different pace, I will enjoy some more quiet time and I hope you enjoy this Fall !

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