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I thought it would be fun to dig a little bit in to beauty, especially when I met Josefin who stunned me with her gorgeous natural face. She is one of those lucky girls who looks stunning make-up free, so we just wanted to enhance this ever so slightly. I am not someone who obsesses over beauty, I like it pretty straight-forward and fuss-free, kind of like I approach fashion I guess. So I asked Patricia who did the make-up, to advice on a few simple gorgeous, natural looks.

We started with a very nude look and added a little bronzer and eyeliner for the second, barely any color on the lip.

Products’ used:

Giorgio Armani foundation, Chanel bronzer nail polish in pretty ‘Elixir’, liquid eyeliner pencil by Topshop.

Make-up and hair by the talented Patricia Makosch.

Model: Josefin @seedsmanagement

blue shirt: Isabel Marant ; white shirt with lace (gorgeous and on sale right now !!!) by Chloé