outside Copenhagen: the Louisiana Museum


Louisiana Museum Humlebaek

When my friend Leonie heard that I was in Copenhagen, she shared some of her favorite places with me like the Jægersborggade in Nørrebro for cute cafes and the best coffee. She also wrote ‘you MUST visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’. It meant that I would have to extend for an extra day and take a 40 minute drive up to Humlebæk. Leonie has an extensive background in Art History and currently works at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne so I knew to better take that advice. It turned out to be an amazing experience, Leonie was right, ‘the most beautiful Museum in the world with a 50ies teak, the Finest Danish Design, incredible architecture and right next to the Sea to jump into’. Here are some photos to give you an impression and of course I have to repeat, when visiting Copenhagen, you MUST visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

If you’d like to know, since hotels were so expensive in this period I stayed fairly nearby in Helsingør at the Konventum Hotel. It’s a simple place and you might find something cuter, but the rooms were clean and comfortable and the hotel has a seaview and is surrounded by nature, a very relaxing experience.

Louisiana Museum Humlebaek Louisiana Museum Humlebaek

Louisiana Museum Humlebaek Louisiana Museum Humlebaek Louisiana Museum Humlebaekinstallation by Yayoi Kusama, Japan 1929


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