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You would expect that Sydney is a sporty town and it surely is, girls are in amazing shape here and of course the sun kissed tans makes it even better. After a few days of fashion week here I wonder if there should be a Sydney version of  the book ‘How to be Parisian’. I was surprised to see a lot of minimalism and black and white, though I have also seen some gorgeous colourful looks. I do love the chic of the simple black and white though, especially agains the setting of a sunny beach and harbour town. What makes the difference here maybe ( and a big difference to Berlin where I am partly based), for fashion week girls take out their heels and style their hair. I loved this simple but effective approach to Ruby Heely’s look of Oyster Mag here and I feel it could be reflective of this town. White denim with a sports top paired with killer heels and you could take this from day to night.


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