small bags

Kopenhagen_ss2014-20130807_0725 Milan FWSS2014, Milan Fashionweek spring summer 2014, outside costume national Milan FWSS2014, Milan Fashionweek spring summer 2014, outside Fendi, chanel Milan FWSS2014, outside Jil Sander Milan Fashionweek FW 2014, day 6, candela novembre Paris Fashionweek ss2014 day1, outside Dries van Noten

Paris Fashionweek ss2014 day1, outside Dries van Noten, Fei Fei sun Paris Fashionweek ss2014 day1 PAris fashionweek fw 2014, day 4, Tuileries Viktor&rolf, zanita morgan

New York Fashionweek ss2014, day 3, Emily Weiss


Having photographed the French Vogue and Net-a-Porter Teams for a few years, there is a truth I learned about bags. The coolest thing is to go without them.

If you look at photos of Emmanuelle Alt and team you will hardly find them with anything but a mobile phone and an invite. I would speculate that this is as much a conscious choice as the black denim and shirt looks, a sort of work uniform with a certain neutral ground because we know that anything Emmanuelle wears would be advertising a brand, and bags are the biggest sellers of them all. And then of course these ladies have the luxury to leave things in their cars when driving to shows. I will argue that the coolest girls in fashion care about clothes and not about the bags … but then again for someone like me who needs to carry stuff, the ‘it- bag’ thing is totally working and bags like shoes are some of my most desired fashion items. Because oh well, I might not afford the entire Prada look but the bag paired with a simple pair of jeans and shirt. I love a well designed bag like a precious jewel. There is one trend though I would say for those ladies who carry stuff … the bags are getting smaller, no more lugging around heavy totes, small bags or miniature bags are the cutest thing, just big enough to carry your mobile, purse and lipstick and much prettier and less in your face than the big ones. I know, I know, you often need the bigger bag for going to the office every day, but often we carry much more than we need, and it’s really nice to try to go lighter !

Here is my Pinterest with some favorites, my choices are mostly black but for a small bag it’s great to be a bit more daring with color.