The Balmain jacket

Paris Fashionweek ss2015 day 2, tabita simmons

I have a thing for those double breasted silver or gold buttoned Balmain jackets.

Tabitha Simmons here is wearing an extreme shoulder pad version of it, I think it looks amazing on her though the Balmain shoulder pads have narrowed a bit now.

I will admit, I’ve heard plenty of negative comments on the double breasted gold button thing, mostly by stylist friends to whom they seem to be items of the past and even a bit tacky as a statement.

I understand, maybe it’s a bit dated, but I can’t help but love this look, wide shoulders, buttons or not, yes, maybe it gives that touch of a rockstar vibe. I think it’s important to dress it down a bit, it makes a statement on it’s own, so it’s actually perfect for someone wearing jeans and t-shirts.

So as I am looking in to more long time staples to add to my wardrobe, a classic Balmain jacket is definitely on the wish list.


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