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the full London Fashionweek FW 2017 edit

I often get the question which one is my favourite fashionweek city. I usually come up with some kind of alibi answer, Paris of course, but to be very honest, when me and my colleagues really think about our favourite city, we first think about the conditions: how was the weather (Paris lost on that one this season with four days of rain), show locations (did we spend half a day on the trains going from show to show, usually in Milan), how stressful was it in general (some photographers might have a bunch of extra assignments if they are based in a certain city, which adds to the stress). When answering the question this season in regards to general enjoyment the answer is surprisingly London. Usually a stressful place to shoot, this time London had the warmest spring weather with beautiful sun, decent locations and guess what, it also reflected on the way girls were able to dress up.

London girls from my point of view are the ones that truly enjoy dressing up and they are not afraid to experiment. From minimal masculine looks to strong colours, sequins, leopard print and many full skirts anything goes but the too simple.

Coming up next is my Milan edit ! Happy week-end !

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