The girls at Pitti


pitti-20140618_6256pitti-20140618_6208 pitti-20140618_6314 pitti-20140618_6340 pitti-20140618_6364


Italy always puts me in a happy mood, so happy, that I would consider moving here, and today I was amazed again that after a two hour flight I can arrive at such a warm and pretty place.

I flew to Florence for Pitti Uomo, actually just on the evening of day 2. I wasn’t sure what to expect, after over four years of photographing street style, Men’s fashion is still pretty unknown ground for me, also I thought I might be way too late today for the event. Instead at 6pm the sun was still shining strong and the mood was great. I was still able to take a few photos, and finally some true summer looks ! As always, I put more focus on the girls, so I am starting with that for today but men photos will come up, promised, they do look good here, actually I don’t think I have ever seen that many well dressed and good looking men at once ever.

I love Gilda on the first photo in her Reformation dress combined with Birkenstocks and an ankle ! scarf. Also, I am very much into Marques Almeida right now, Irina is wearing one of his denim dresses on the second photo here, hers also has a bit of a shimmer to the fabric. Funny how both of these white dresses have a similar length and are completely different.