Claire in Milan


I’ve really enjoyed these days in Milan. The few women that were around Men’s fashion week were really well dressed, some of them matching the male show goers with Men’s inspired cuts but there were also a lot of beautiful colourful dresses.


What I loved is the fact that most of the outfits felt truly authentic which I think has to do with the fact that this is not a major fashionweek. There were clothes to discover that I haven’t seen everywhere yet.

Like this dress by Rachel Comey on Claire Beermann that worked so seamlessly  against the Milanese backdrop.


  1. I had the pleasure to discover Claire’s blog and style a few months back through a German blogazine and I’m obssessed since then.
    She is such a breath of fresh air and her style is so unique. I was surprised I didn’t know her before, as she has the best style in Germany in my honest opinion. There should be bloggers like her. Also, her articles are so intelligent, funny, and such fun to read. An extremely talented girl with a criminally underrated blog for sure.
    Absolutely adore this outfit and the silhouette! x

    • Yes Claire is a real pleasure, she is also a continuous inspiration being a really hard worker.
      You are right, I think she could get even more recognition for her blog, I suppose it would be great to have her texts available in English at some point.

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