A short escape to Byron Bay

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Surfers at Clarks Beach

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The long empty stretch of sand at Tallow beach, beautiful but the waves are high, not for swimming.

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The Byron at Byron bay Spa Hotel and the most amazing Rain Forest

Just as my vacation  had started after Sydney fashion week, we were hit hardly by a storm. Apparently the kind of storm they haven’t seen in the area for more than a decade, with strong winds and non stop rains, it was pretty wild out at Bondi where I was staying (I posted some images from the Iceberg Pool at Bondi on instagram). Not so good for the planned sightseeing.

I was really happy to escape to Byron Bay for a few nights. You wouldn’t think of it as fall season here, perfect weather with about 26 degrees Celsius, great sun and the most stunning sunsets. I rented an apartment right across Clarks beach, the location turned out to be perfect. Two days in the sun and I am completely relaxed.

I didn’t stay long enough to give you the full wrap, but my highlights here were the Cape Byron Walking Track from Watego beach to the lighthouse. And the Rain Forest at the Byron Spa Hotel, the  five star hotel in the area surrounded by 45 acres of Rain Forest.

I didn’t stay there but went for breakfast and had a walk through the forest, just a beauty and good place to breathe. And look at the water lilies, I don’t think I have seen that many. If you exit to Tallow beach from here you find an endless stretch of sand, almost empty.

Of course there is so much more to do, it’s a surfing haven here. For me it was about sun, relaxing and a bit of exercise, I just did a lot of walking and swimming (I found a great pool here in the centre, ‘Fish Heads’). Enough of that that I feel tired enough to go to sleep at 10 and wake up at 6. Something that never happens in Berlin for me and that instead is very normal here.






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