A Summer in Paris







I never wrote about this summer in Paris. Now that summer season is going towards the end I wanted to share some pretty    Paris photos to make summer last a bit longer. The blue doors, the balconies, the flower shops, the floor at the Sébastian Gaudard bakery which has the pattern Pierre Hardy uses,  the Louvre, classic cafe moments skilfully shown here with Veronika’s Petit Malle LV bag. Without a doubt Paris is a spectacular city.

 I moved to Paris in June with an open end on my mind, I didn’t make a commitment for a longterm rental,   more an Airbnb let’s see how I feel kind of thing. And I kept my Berlin apartment. I stayed for two months   and I am still not quite decided, it looks like I will stay in between cities for a while. The thing with Paris, as   beautiful as it is,  it’s not the easiest city for day to day life, at least in my short experience. Maybe it’s    because I’m a bit older now and I am craving a really healthy lifestyle. Maybe you can find that in Paris and I   need to give it more time ?

The beautiful thing is that I don’t have to decide right now, it’s a freedom I have that I am trying to fully live  out and enjoy right now and I know I’m lucky ! I might even try Milan and New York next year. 

 But back to Paris, besides my little doubts on living there, there is absolutely no doubt that it’s an  amazing place to visit.

 I am still collecting addresses for a full guide, here is one recommendation if you like to explore a less known really cool neighbourhood.

 Rue des Martyrs – I lived here for the month of June and this has become one of my favourite streets in Paris. It’s just south of Pigalle but nothing like Pigalle, much prettier, super lively, with the best mix of cafés, fruit shops and bakeries. It’s close enough to walk to the Grands Magasins and even the Tuileries and le Marais. Well I didn’t know I could actually walk everywhere in Paris, another discovery outside of fashion week.

 If you’re in the area and especially for Sunday Brunch go to Hotel D’Amour. The interior is charming and the food is great, plus when it’s still warm outside, you can sit in the beautiful garden, not that easy to find in Paris.

More Rue des Martyrs addresses:

The Rose Bakery, 46 rue des Martyrs

Le Pain Quotidien, 54 rue des Martyrs,

Sébastien Gaudard bakery, 22 rue des Martyrs

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