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A white shoe obsession – gallery

10 days in New York and I am only slowly beginning to make sense of all the great things I saw and that happened – if you have followed my streetstyle coverage on you saw endlessly amazing outfits.

Also, I won an award for best Streetstyle with Bloglovin. Thank you again for everyone who voted for me !!! And a lesson for me, to start posting more pictures again :).

New York in September is best, a photographer’s dream because of the light and the girls are so well dressed. I don’t love to only look for trends, but in New York you will always find something new and if a trend comes out of it so be it.

I am still ‘analyzing’ what I saw, as I am starting to shoot in London.

One trend I love and think will stick around, white shoes. For someone like me who needs to think practical, and wear a lot of blues and blacks, a white patent leather ankle boot will immediately update the look and make it just a bit more cool. But even if you are more colourful like my favourite stylist pair Megan Gray and Patty Lu, a white shoes always works. Here is a gallery to inspire you.

And since I saw so many great shoe styles in New York, I might just turn this into a shoes blog for a few days.

Some shopping inspiration below, those perfectly simple patent leather boots on the last photo are by Carel.

Oh and don’t ask me how to keep them clean, I am still trying to figure that out. I think the safer option is patent leather, while I also don’t mind if the white gets a bit more of a used look.


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