at the Hotel Thoumieux

The best thing to do after one month of fashionweek is to give yourself a little break. Which is what I did. I stayed a few days longer in Paris and decided to upgrade my hotel and to invite a friend over for the week-end. The best decision I could have made.

I knew the Hotel Thoumieux from a previous photo-shoot with Garance Doré and also India Mahdavi, the interior designer herself.

There is no chance for Mahdavi’s designs not to leave an impression, I love that she is the full contrary of minimalism and truly colourful and feminine in her interiors. From the ‘Sketch’ Tearoom in London to the Café Francais to this little boutique hotel, these spaces take you in completely. 

I did wonder of course, what a room fully decorated with floral wallpaper, patterned carpets and curtains would do after a few days, but it strangely didn’t get on my nerves but made me feel really cozy.  Back to my Berlin apartment a few days ago turned out to be the bigger shock, I couldn’t take the all the white walls … ha ! So besides a great experience I’m taking home plenty of exterior inspiration. I will start small, yellow tulips for now and I am searching for the right velvet fabric in warm yellow to make couch pillows from …

Hotel Thoumieux-680420160311-6804Hotel Thoumieux-220160312-2 

Hotel Thoumieux-220160312-2-3Hotel Thoumieux high res-709620160314-7096


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