Winter coats

Berlin Fashionweek starts tomorrow and I have to check my wardrobe options for some serious subzero temperatures. I like to think of the season as just plain unfashionable because I don’t like to be cold, so I defend my puffer coat and one of my most recent fashion sins, a pair of Uggs that I have worn pretty much every day since I got them, outside and at home .

Well, if I would chose to dress up a bit nicer tomorrow, I would love to look like this and wear an oversized coat in a pretty color.

I’ve heard it said many times that one should invest in a really good winter coat and I would have to agree. A good coat doesn’t come cheap, but quality does make a difference in the winter, a good wool coat is simply warmer and will last you long.

I love love this red Jil Sander coat, the color would be beautiful on any grey winter day and it looks like you can fit two oversized sweaters underneath without looking too oversized …bare legs are only something for the very courageous Fashionistas though …



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