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Berta and Monica

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One thing that is hard to beat is passion. Passionate people make me fall in love with them immediately and can turn my day around on the spot. This is what happened the other day in Paris when Monica introduced me to Berta. I’m already a fan of Monica’s as you might have noticed and it wasn’t surprising that I would also like her friend.

I had admired Berta’s artfully put together instagram account and especially the most recent photos and films from a trip to Santorini where she traveled with Monica and Camille. There is a natural beauty to her images, often in tones of creme and beige, and just nice moments, and if you see photos of her apartment you will want to move in immediately.

In person, she has and endless energy and a refreshing honesty that I found captivating and I might be prejudiced but I think it has to do with her coming from Spain.

So if you don’t know her yet, I recommend you to discover more of Berta Bernard’s world, I think you will be inspired.

Oh and I haven’t even mentioned how cute these girls look here strolling through Marais. A Vintage dress, fresh summer white and a hair ribbon …

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