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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone !

You surely noticed that there are some changes to my blog (and a few technical issues ! ) so it’s time to talk about them.

I am really excited to share a new design with you that I have been working on with a great WordPress wizard, someone I really found by chance and out of luck. I told him I wanted an overall ‘cooler’ look (sorry if I am overusing this word) and bigger images among other things.

Of course making major changes to this Blog is also a bit scary for me, will I like it when it’s live, more importantly, will you like it ? But there is a lot of fun in trying something new and I want to evolve, so here you go.

If there is anything you like or don’t like, or usability issues, I would love to hear you feedback, so that I know what I can possibly improve in the future.

There are still a few technical thing to be resolved in the next days, sorry about it.

So here you go with a few notes on the changes.

– I wanted bigger images – this resulted in not big but HUGE images in a featured gallery on top of the page. You can click through the images on top of the page and chose to go to the post if you want to – I have to say, this is becoming one of my favorite new changes.

– The blog posts now have one front image, you will see all images on article or ‘view post’.  I admit it’s a bit more clicking work, but I felt it was a nicer design decision.

– Still in the works is a click-through gallery.

– The categories are now on top of the page with a drop down menu.

– The are random featured posts underneath the big featured gallery. This is a lot of fun even for me, because I can glance at older posts that I might have forgotten about, really just another thing to play with.

So I say welcome to my New updated blog and I look forward to sharing great images with you in 2015 !

I haven’t made much of a year in review post or preview of 2015, so I will do it here.

2014 was a great year for me especially work-wise. Streetstyle photography has become more and more difficult, but when I return from a season and go through the images, I only remember the fun parts, I am still very much addicted to it.

So in 2015 you will see again many new seasons images, starting with the Pret-a-Porter shows in February, and if my schedule allows even Australia Fashionweek in April.

In January I will be traveling to Miami for work, that should be a great pictures adventure as well.

So in general, many travels  …

Thank you all for following this blog !

Love, Sandra


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