Coat time

Finding a good winter coat is again the big style theme as days are getting colder. Isn’t it every year that the search continues for the perfect do it all coat that looks amazing but is also warm  or just that special investment piece to lift up the monotonous winter wardrobe ? With that in mind I strolled through some of Berlin’s finest stores this week, ending up at yet one of the fanciest, the Corner Shop Berlin. As I was helped into a gorgeous super comfortable Stella McCartney beauty, I just wanted to ‘see how it looks on…’ , the owner mentioned that the private sale would come up a few days later but he would give me a discount now … oh well, I took a walk and two hours to think about it, of course I returned and I am walking around now in what kind of looks like a big sheep. I am not decided if that thing really suits me, makes me look big etc, but I know it really lifts my moods when I put it on and it’s warm ! It’s also less of a serious coat which  felt is what I needed for a change. Yes yes of course I will try to post a decent photo of myself soon.

And here you with some favorite coats of last winter, the French Vogue Team serving again as perfect inspiration. I love the oversized super tailored coat on Emmanuelle and Capucine in this chic black more simple shape of a coat. And note the collection of black booties …


New York Fashionweek day 7 Emanuelle AltNew York Fashionweek day 5, Capucine Safyurtlu fw2013_highres-4167 Capucine Safyurtlu, Milan Fashionweek FW 2013

You can find a similar coat to Emmanuelle’s by Isabel Marant or Maje,

I also love this Acne coat as seen on Tamu’s All the Pretty birds.

So did you find your coat of the season ?

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