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Copenhagen fashionweek SS2018 full gallery

Copenhagen Fashionweek is a welcome fashion distraction in the middle of august, so easy-going and fun that it doesn’t feel like work going there, even when interrupting the august beach vacation.

These days were again Copenhagen at it’s best, while always colourful, I’ve never seen such a density of floral dresses and colors before. For brands of course Ganni and Saks Potts were a highlight, also Stine Goya’s 10 year anniversary show,  Cecilie Bahnsen, Lovechild 1979 and by Malene Birger.

For trends I can list red shoes, white shoes, romantic dresses, a seventies vibe with flared denims and neck scarves and cute tees, pyjamas or sport suits (see Veronika and Emily Weiss), little basket bags, and hair clips ! Of course dresses paired with sneakers are also typically Danish, but I saw maybe a bit less of them and more dressy heels.

Reporting next from the full SS 2018 season starting in New York at

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