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Kopenhagen summer 2013, Frederiksberg, Granola 

Copenhagen has left such a beautiful and lasting impression on me, the kindest people, and greatest design, such a happy place. I know that I would need more time to give you a full city report but here are some impressions of great places I visited.Kopenhagen summer 2013, FrederiksbergKopenhagen summer 2013, Frederiksberg Kopenhagen summer 2013, Frederiksberg  Kopenhagen summer 2013, Frederiksberg Kopenhagen summer 2013, Frederiksberg, Playtype

The Granola Cafe on Værnedamsvej 5, on the same street the shop ‘playtype’ and the beautiful flower shop next to the Café.

, Copenhsgen Fashionweek day 2, Copenhagen Street Style

City bikers don’t seem to mind mini skirts, Mini skirts are the ‘Denim cut-offs’ here.

Kopenhagen summer 2013

inside ‘Beau Marché’ on OstergadeCopenhagen, Beau MArché

Fashionable Danish Ladies, the Elle Denmark Team.

, Copenhagen Fashionweek day 2, Elle Denmark Editors, Copenhagen Street Style  Copenhagen Illum Bollighus

I could spend hours at Illum Bolighus, in fact I’ve been fantasizing of traveling back here to furnish my entire apartment with their designs. Well, maybe I will start with a lamp.

Copenhagen Illum BollighusCopenhagen summer 2013, Normann

Above: HAY at Normann’s

below: great shoes and more at the Concept shop ‘black’

Kopenhagen summer 2013, Frederiksberg, 'black' store with Hansen Pop Up event   Copenhagen Fashionweek, day 3, August 9th 2013

In the meat-packing district, such a great atmosphere, I got my Veggie treat at BioMio (on the photo below). Just around the Corner, ‘Mother’ is probably the most popular place in the neighborhood, it’s pizza only, it’s good but slightly burned maybe because of the Wood Oven, so I don’t want to recommend it here.Copenhagen summer 2013, BioMio, MEatpacking District

For a beautiful daytime escape, the Botanical Gardens right in the Centre of town and free of charge

Copenhagen , Allan Torp, Bungalow5 Blog, at the Botaincal Gardens Copenhagen Fashionweek, day 3, August 9th 2013

Copenhagen Fashionweek, day 3, August 9th 2013 Copenhagen Fashionweek, day 3, August 9th 2013 Copenhagen Fashionweek, day 3, August 9th 2013

I fell in love with these houses and little front yards close to Nørrebro. And here it’s me doing Copenhagen trend and sporting my very old Birkenstocks …

  1. Just gorgeous photos. I’m headed to Copenhagen for the first time next week and just can’t wait. I hope I have as wonderful an experience as you obviously did.

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