Hello from Copenhagen Fashionweek ! It’s my first time visiting and it is everything and more than expected. My first impression, it’s a really easy-going and kind city to live in, bike lanes are as wide as roads, people seem more relaxed and just nice and well, very good looking. I had a few days vacation driving to Copenhagen from Berlin through the very quiet country side and even though I’m in a city now, it seems impossible to get stressed.

My first impressions from the street, people do care about great design but also simplicity, beautiful easy clothes, girls with long blond hair in black mini skirts and tees wearing sneakers (sorry if I’m feeding the obvious prejudice ).

cecilia-0579 cecilia-0584Here is Cecilie Thorsmark who works in PR for the Copenhagen Fashionweek. I’ve noticed her at the CPFW press conference today and immediately thought wow, such an elegant yet natural look and so Scandinavian. I pointed out to her how much I love the classic White Nike’s (probably even more than the Free Runs, they are so  timeless). She replied that the skirt was quite lady-like so she wanted to dress it down a bit, Just a great way to wear a skirt I think.

skirt: Baumundpferdgarten, shirt: Acne, shoes: Nike, bag: Céline

And there you go, Im very excited about the coming days.


On another note: You might have noticed some changes to my little blog, the VOGUE Partner Site Logo. My friend Marlene from Spruced already said it very nicely in her recent post and there is not much too ad from my side. I am very gracious that German VOGUE approached me about becoming a Partner Site, it’s quite encouraging for me. I also still don’t really know what to expect, it’s a bit of an adventure. For one I can say, that the content of my blog is entirely mine and I am posting as freely as always. On the other hand there is the small business part of it, I have now advertising on my page. I am still getting used to this myself and hope to integrate the ads better into my blog design in the future. In the meantime please ask if you have any questions regarding the changes even if you don’t like something. And most importantly thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the Street Styles.






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