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Paris Fashionweek day 6, outside Sacai, Ursina Gysi

Paris Fashionweek day 6, outside Sacai,, Ursina Gysi

Paris Fashionweek FW 2015 day 8, outside Louis Vuitton, Ursina Gysi

Ursina Gysi is one of those fascinating girls to me. The pieces she wears are not beautiful at first glance, shades of green, brown and orange and how about the fabric of those brown velvet pants.

Yes there is something undeniably strong about Ursina, she is beautiful in a way a character of a fairytale is beautiful, the way she puts clothes together is unique and they enhance her. I love that her clothes evoke a story rather than a trend.

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  1. I’m sorry but I will never be able to understand her..unless she’s trying to make a point about how the fashion world can ‘iconize’ someone who wears the most absurd (and – in my opinion – awful) outfits.

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