Double Coat

London, LFW FW 2015 day 1 Gabrielle Hackworthy, New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7, outside Boss, New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7 Garance Doré, outside Michael Kors,


New York, NYFW FW 2015 day3New York, NYFW FW 2015 day3, Caroline Issa  New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 6, outside J.Crew

Winter clearly hit today with  – 8 ° C (about 18 ° F) in Berlin. I am not someone who checks the weather forecast too often and I bundle up pretty well. When I left the house today it was a different kind of cold though, the one that is painful in your face, oh yeah, I really hate it. And as many winters as I have been through, especially New York winters, every time the cold hits, I get in to a sort of panic mode, trying to find solutions to optimize my wardrobe. Considering vanity and practicability that is.

One solution I have found so far is doubling up your coat and jacket, quite literally. Last NYFW season when I couldn’t take it anymore, I wore my wool coat over my Duvetica down jacket and let me tell you it worked ! Ok I might have moved a little slower but that’s a different story…

Apparently I was not the only one thinking of doubling up on coats and jackets, so here we go with some inspirations from the ladies with the best style skills. A blazer under a coat has been seen of course, but coat over trench, jacket over jacket less. I love that this type of layering allows you to play with colours. The two shades of beige paired with the white look so chic on Garance, I also really like Camille’s pale blue and beige combination.

One thing I’m missing here that I think is cool, a short bomber jacket over a coat, I will try to find that picture for you.


    • Yes I was afraid of that, stay warm ! I’m hoping this year around it will at least get better for NYFW. Last year was so cold …

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