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As we’re coming closer to christmas I have to confess, I am not much of a holiday season person.

Rather than joining into the last minute stress of finding the perfect gift, I prefer to gift throughout the year and to go away for christmas. This is how I just booked a trip to Rome with my mother, I couldn’t be happier about it. Of course it has to do with not having any sort of family obligations, I can totally understand the joy of cozy get togethers with close ones.

This is just a little introduction to explain why in the middle of December I have a different subject on my mind than christmas. My closet. Finally having some free time, I’ve been attempting a serious clean up and also an honest look at how I buy. And damn, while I might have learned to buy better, I am still doing a lot of mistakes !

Like last week when I got into panic mode because I was invited to an event and I didn’t have anything to wear. So I decided. Resulting from that panic of course several online shopping orders in order to find the right blazer which would be perfectly reasonable – except, you don’t really find the perfect blazer on last minute pressure. And more regrettably trying to find a clutch, which resulted in a spontaneous Saint Laurent splurge which I am not convinced about anymore. In fact I would have rather bought a new day bag which I would have used much more and would have been truly excited about.

Hmmm … great Sandra. What did I learn from it ?

Maybe to simply take more time and really consider how every piece I buy actually works with the rest of my wardrobe and my lifestyle.

What also helps right now is cleaning up my wardrobe ! It means going through piece by piece and honestly looking at what I wear and what is just laying around. I will make the exception of what I like to call ‘collection pieces’ like my Céline dress that I cherish like art. But it’s things like my beautiful Chloé knit sweater that I simply don’t wear because it’s too heavy and scratches me, instead I really wear thinner cashmere sweaters to the point that they get holes. It might also be time to part with my Valentino bag …

And then there are surprises. While I’ve become a bit of a label snob I’ve kept this white Zara blazer for over ten years. Hardly worn. It felt a but too eighties but I kept it anyways.

And all of a sudden it feels just right, a perfect piece that could have easily worked for my evening out. This coincided with finding  a photo on TommyTon.com ( streetstyle photographer taking inspiration from other streetstyle images … :)) of Malgosia Bela in an oversized white blazer. So chic.

So the second lesson to myself should be to reconsider treasures from my wardrobe. And not only to consider luxury pieces. Which kill my bank account anyways.

Any wardrobe lessons you would like to share ?





  1. Hi Sandra! You look great in white blazer.
    Let’s get to wardrobe lessons 🙂
    I’ve stopped buying things that I won’t like to wear in two years. I’ve stopped buy fast fashion for quality reasons (Zara 10 years ago and Zara two years ago are very different Zara’s). I don’t go there anymore.
    I’ve made a list of all brands who do poor quality clothes, shoes, accessories (Chloe is in there. Oh..) / clothes that poorly fit me. I don’t buy them anymore.
    I’ve also made a list of great ones. Only few brands surviving there.
    I have secret Pinterest boards where I pin everything I buy and moving it into another board if I have to return along with writing the reason.
    P.S. 8 years ago I was a Gucci girl, I used to buy things for one season and donate them after season has passed. I never had a large closet, but financial crisis made me change my buying habits. I don’t buy whatever I like in the moment 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      thanks !
      wow it sounds like you really got your buying habits under control, I’m very impressed about the lists ! Really, Chloé is in there ? I would be curious to know which brands survived on the list.
      I agree on Zara, this is the only Zara piece left in my wardrobe actually.
      I’m definitely working on refining my buying choices. What helps me also, is simply waiting a little. When I see something I crave, I will know a few weeks later if I still care about it…

  2. Hey dear!
    Well, first of all: this Blazer suits you per-fect-ly (and the new hair color by the way :))!!!
    To my surprise It’s actually super interesting to talk about shopping habits. I never really thought about it, but a few years ago (@Kate: financial crisis ;)) I started to make lists about the things I buy (you find a picture online of almost every piece so that’s not a big deal).
    I have a list for each season (it sounds super nerdy, I know) and at the end of a season I’m aware at a glance what I still love and what I need to sell because I don’t like it anymore or it doesn’t fit my body type.
    It was so much loss the first two years. I sold actually more than half the things I bought and lost so much money, but now I’m so much better. Tadaaaa :). I can easily check what I buy too much or what I really need and I don’t shop spontaneously anymore (which is less fun sometimes but a good choice on the long run).

    So now I also need to know what brands you have on the “great ones” @Kate. I’m super curious about it.

    xxx Katinka

    • Hi Katinka,
      well thank you, and happy to hear you notice the color besides the usual curly hair.

      The shopping habit thing is very interesting, never ending topic for me.
      Ok so that thing with the lists is serious actually, it seems that I’ve been missing out. I did start an excel list though where I put in my spending for each item and that already tells a lot.
      I think it’s definitely a good start to really clean the closet and to start fresh. And I have become good I thought, but there are still mistakes. One thing I stupidly did in the past is to buy white bags or expensive white linens trousers @ gucci ähem … they will get dirty.
      Anyways we need to continue this topic, there are many more questions I have.

    • Thank you Lina, enjoy your time in Italy too ! Yeah, I suppose we still do these type of mistakes. That’s why I’m also working on a wardrobe where I have all basics covered, so I dont need to do ‘panic’ shopping.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I never bought accessories from Chloe, only clothes. Sweaters peels out after two days of wear, everything else peels out too, even materials that you won’t expect doing that. My friends have same issues.
    My list of great brands is very narrow partly because of my height, size and body type. People get bigger, sizing runs larger, my choices are getting more and more limited. Without counting that I’d say clothes from Lanvin, Helmut Lang, Rag&Bone, Neil Barrett, DSquared2, Missoni, Mugler (non synthetic), MiH jeans, Stella McCartney, Valentino, affordable Blank Denim and cotton pieces from D.Ra. I’m very impressed by Coach, but it’s the first season of their ready-to-wear line. Shoes by Gianvitto Rossi and classic pumps by Louboutin. Valentino footwear is super comfy, but less timeless. I love bags from LV and Bally, both are there to live a long life. MIKOH does best swimwear ever, Illesteva – best eyewear. I love things that can be worn for years 🙂
    Anything in common with my list? What are your favorites?

    • Hi Kate,

      thanks for sharing your list, it’s very interesting. I only have one Chloé sweater which I didn’t wear much so its hard to tell, I’m really surprised to hear about the bad quality ! I do have some boots that I really love by Chloé actually.
      I own a lot of Stella, I love her coats and jackets and even denim, but honestly the quality is a bit of hit and miss with her sometimes too.
      I need to check out coach’s ready-to wear and some of your other recommendations…
      Other than than I think for bags Prada is very good in terms of quality though the design is a bit old fashioned, but I’ve carried so much heavy stuff in Prada.
      Love Gianvito Rossi for shoes and Gucci. Other than that in my list Céline, for shirts Cos and Maads Norgaard. For sweaters I own many equipment cashmere sweaters because I love the fit and colours, but the quality is bad … so there is still searching 🙂

  4. P.S. Hi Katinka, just read your comment 🙂 We’re very similar, would love if you look at my list and tell me what do you think about brands I’ve mentioned there.

  5. You look great! Enjoy your Roman Holiday!

    My tip: stop impulse shopping, esp. with designer brands (I am not certain you do, but you mentioned the purse?). Walk away, for a day or two. This saves A LOT of buyers remorse. I have learned that as I have grown older in age. And always always try to figure out how this new item will work with at least 3 different outfits. If you have nothing to go with it, or it will work with just one outfit, walk away.

    • Hi Tat,
      absolutely great advice ! I usually step away too, but this was an exception, it still happens. I think you’re so right, checking how the item hits with the rest of the wardrobe is key ! Also, because I am traveling a lot and need to edit very well. Have a great holiday !

  6. Hi Sandra!
    Thanks for sharing! I always buy things from natural fabrics, never had bad surprises with Stella. Actually I forgot about Prada, never had bags, but indeed they look like they’d live forever. I had two tops, they were great, I’ve managed to loose one and made fabric analysis for my own line on another. My difficulty with Prada that they aren’t sold online in multibrand stores…
    Love Gucci shoes design, but they are too narrow for me. You’re lucky!
    For cashmere Brunello Cucinelli is really good, but too classic and too pricey. Worth buying on huge sale. Lanvin sweaters are always great, can be worn for ages. Uniqlo were doing great basic cashmere, perhaps they still sell the same quality in Europe, but not in Asia. I have a sweater that my mother in law bought me 5 years ago, nothing happened to it. I wear it regularly. She always buy her sweaters there. I’d recommend you to try. It’s only about 60-70euro. In bad case scenario it will start to pell off after first month, but it won’t loose the shape. (Chloe and Thomas Wylde were my biggest disappointments for sweaters)
    Never bought anything at Cos and haven’t even heard about Maads Norgaard. Will check it out. Thank you!

    • Hi Kate,

      well thanks for tons of good advice ! I never tried on Lanvin, will do that, and I’ve never jumped onto Uniqlo, though I heard very good comments before ! Maads Norgaard ist still difficult to find online, it’s form Denmark. I actually love to shop when I travel. For cashmere, I will have to look into Brunello Cucinelli for sure, since I love cashmere. I find though that a certain amount of pilling is always happening, I have a little cashmere comb that works well actually. Happy shopping 🙂

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