Eleonora Carisi

Eleonora Carisi, stella mccartney skirt, Milan Fashionweek FW 2013Eleonora in my favorite flower print of the season, as in the post before by Stella McCartney. I feel like every season I fall in love with one or more gorgeous unique prints and fabrics, last year it was the floral one by Céline which was even more precious. I am wondering though if I will still love this print next year or if I would get tired of it like with so many trends. And besides the point that I couldn’t afford that Stelllala blazer, if I could I would still have to justify that type of investment by wearing it everyday. And will people get tired seeing me in crazy florals ? Hm, you see very important questions, and maybe the answer is to get the knockoff at Zara and not to overthink it … or wait for the sales and by the way the skirt cost only half of the blazer, anyways …

Eleonora Carisi, Milan Fashionweek FW 2013

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