Elinor Nystedt


I’ve first ran into Elinor Nystedt at Berlin and Stockholm Fashionweek a few years ago.

Then she wore a minimal style of white and grey and I was impressed how chic it looked on her. Very clean lines yet interesting. Also her wardrobe is not as expensive as one might think, Elinor works at Weekday and really knows how to combine their pieces.

A few weeks ago I ran into her again in the Tuileries. She stood out  with her beauty of course and her super cool style. A dress over pants is not an easy thing to pull off, though on trend it might be, and I love how she styled it here. The dress is stunning and in a way it has a longer life this way, you can wear it on hot days just as is, or layer it over a simple white tee and blue jeans like she did.


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