Emmanuelle Alt

emmanuelle-7247Emmanuelle, aaah Emmanuelle … I have have mentioned that whenever I see her I snap away but I barely dare to say hi or to ask for a photo. Then today I was standing in what I call in streetstyle slang a ‘magic lighting moment’, plenty of backllight with almost no photographers around. I finally dared to ask for a photo. Of course right after I whispered ‘I love you’ as I always do, so silly. Actually this is a really classic and more comfortable Emmanuelle Alt look, the shades of grey that she pulls of so perfectly, a belted jacket and wide pants instead of the skinny jeans she wears so often. These will probably also be the last days of wearing scarves, it’s finally warming up and you can start to smell spring in the air.


  1. I LOVE Emmanuelle too! This is such a great photo you’ve captured, and now that I’ve just discovered your beautiful blog, I will get absolutely no work done for the rest of the day… Thanks for all the fashion inspiration!

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