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Here in Berlin we had a beautiful week-end with temperatures so high that outdoor cafes were busy again. But winter is coming and if you haven’t done so yet, it’s definitely time to shop for that perfect coat.

Finding the perfect coat – an endless fashion subject similar to the search of the perfect jeans. I’ve done my trial and error with the coat shopping but I will say I learned and I’m very happy with my collection now. The coat is one of those items that are worth an investment because you will use the right coat for years and for winter season it’s the part of your outfit that is mostly seen. Especially if like me you only wear jeans and sweater underneath anyways.


There are different types of coats worth investing in, here are my recommendations what to look for:

  • A Classic – A classic wool coat in a neutral color like, black, navy, beige or grey.  On the lower-end pricing I love COS or Filippa K for this. The thing is I found that a Cos and many other coats in that price range are not very warm and I hate to be freezing and adding layers and layers. So if you can,  I really recommend investing in a classic that you will cherish for years. Look for a thicker wool, a cashmere blend or Alpaca, fabrics that keep you warmer than a thin wool felt coat. I love Max Mara for a classic coat, yes an investment but their prices are actually fair for the luxury and quality you get in comparison to many other luxury brands. I’m also very happy with my Stella McCartney wool coat, though I can’t really close it.  Which leads me to
  • Shape: Shape is really important to consider when investing into a coat. If you like to layer with big sweaters or cardigans you should consider getting an oversized coat. A fitted coat looks only beautiful as long as you don’t bulk up underneath. So a tighter coat might work better in transitional seasons.
  • The right length:  I’ve done the mistake to get coats that are too short or cut in a way that cool air sneaks in  from underneath. Having a long coat in your wardrobe will make a huge difference. Then again I ran into Louise Veng on my Copenhagen trip who sported her shorter Stella Mcartney wool coat and over knee boots. She told me she prefers a shorter coat for biking around.
  • a Color: I am still looking to add a color to my coat collection, right now I am craving a beautiful red. By January the latest I m tired of seeing an army of black Parkas on the street. Since coats and jackets are the only thing you get to see outside, I would just love to see more color on grey winter days.
  • A fuzzy Glamour piece, something out of the ordinary: The coat I enjoy the most in my wardrobe is the faux fur fuzzy one in creme by Stella McCartney. Similar to the color issue I have, as grey winter days are depressing and it get’s dark by 4pm, that white fuzzy thing makes me feel cozy and glamorous. This is the type of coat you might also find on a lower price range or Vintage. Animal print ? Why not. And if you want to go for fuzzy and color, Vanessa of the Haute Pursuit came out with beautiful faux fur coats in rose, yellow, blue …
  • a Shearling jacket: I’m dreaming of the Acne Studios Shearling jacket this season, a classic in it’s own right that will keep you warm. I personally don’t like to buy too much leather but a Shearling jacket is tempting and you will have it forever.
  • A down coat or jacket: They are not exactly  beautiful, sorry, but they can look ok or kind of cool. I found a Moncler down jacket in a  grey wool fabric that I really like. Being a photographer and running around the streets during -10 degrees, a down jacket has become indispensable to me, they are super warm and light and I can move well in them.

So these are my coat recommendations, good luck in finding yours !


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