Garance en rouge

Garance was wearing a red coat today and of course I had to run after her to take a photo, a bright red will just always work magic on me. We actually had a nice chat in the Tuileries, surprisingly a bit of a relaxed moment before the Chloé show and moreso relaxed because it was the first sunny day in weeks. It really lifted my mood whereas I have to admit, the season was a tough one and the conditions almost wanted to make me quit. And then again, this is what is discussed all the time among photographer collegues, the madness outside of the shows, and while I’m trying to take nice photos I do understand the fashion professionals that are annoyed by the theatre/’circus’ …

So here is the reason why I will come back next season and why I still enjoy what I do, a portrait of Garance Doré today in the bright sun. This lady really inspires me with her constantly evolving work … the coat is by Kenzo and the flats brand news Laurence Dacades (earlier in the day it was white pumps) – I have to say I am really into shiny shoes and also into white accessories, not everyone agrees on white shoes I know, I actually love them.garance-5761 garance-5766 garance-5226


  1. oh danke ! und ja goldene Slipper, leider konnte ich die noch nirgends finden, Garance hat sie direkt aus dem Showroom mitgenommen 😉

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