Magic Blue


London Fashionweek was short and sweet as always, also much greyer than New York. A strong color really sticks out against the rainy London backdrop, no better example of Pernille in this stunning Balenciaga sweater. Not only the sweater, this was really one of my favourite looks in London, easy enough yet with great details (you know what I love by now …). I do like those leggings type pants with the strap around the shoes, I’m expecting opinions to be divided here ? Besides the color it’s also the touch of sparkle that makes the stand out and the bling bling earrings (by Malene Birger) . bling bling is always great with a simple look.

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  1. Fantastic! This blue is certainly magic! Back to the eighties! Told you already your photographs are like Bill Cunninghams. Thank you!

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