Paris Fashionweek day 5, outside Chloé, Margaret Zhang

Paris Fashionweek day 5, outside Chloé, Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang is a girl to watch. In fact more than that, my recent trip to Sydney confirmed that this girl is a power woman of no comparison and really has become a star.

It would be impressive enough if she were only a photographer, as a highlight in Sydney she photographed 20 iconic designers for VOGUE Australia for MBFWA, her blog is full of stunning fashion imagery and her instagram the best feed for carefully arranged still lives.

But no, Margaret is also known for amazing style, with some of the best layering techniques I have seen (better to be observed on her winter wardrobe, which I will save for later on this year). She has shown her skills in front of the camera as model as well as a stylist.

It would be all fine with me, there are a few multi talents out there but this one is 21 and studies Law/Commerce on the side. And she is super nice. Something I don’t take for granted, as many who become successful don’t take the time for a few nice words anymore.

Ok so after this Margaret superstar speech back to this lovely Chloé look she was wearing in Paris. I am a fan of this double breasted blazer and the large pockets that come with it. Also I have the admire the scarf tying technique here, I really need to try this.

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