Milan Fashionweek day 1 – outside Gucci

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It was raining again, not the nicest welcome after two rainy London days and a stressfull rebooking ordeal after missing my flight. However, I was so excited to get here and shoot at Gucci and I wasn’t disappointed despite the conditions. It’s still amazing to me to find such different styles in a different city, while fashion is so globalised now and there is so much sameness. It seems like the Italians are setting the strongest tone on the streets these days, they have their own playful thing going on, Gucci perfectly fits into this. Today I saw many women in suits, rich jewel colors and silks and and overall Vintage feel. Even Justin dressed for the occasion in a velvet blazer. Of course him and Veronika are having the best party in any weather as you can see. Gucci everywhere. Can’t wait to see what Milan shows off in the coming days.


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