Milan, Streetstyle, 185 images
the full Milan FW 2017 streetstyle edit

Milan fashionweek now starts with a big color and print explosion on the first day, far enough to make it a day trip. While Gucci is great to photograph I am just slightly less excited by it recently, I might feel a bit overloaded by it now though I scan still appreciate it in bits and pieces here and there. There is something about the playfulness and romance in there that is really lovely, not only in the case of Gucci, but generally in the style of the Milanese girls. I am looking out for the now established it girls Gilda Ambrosio, Giorgia Tordini, Diletta Bonaitui,  Chiara Totire and of course Tamu McPherson. Also the elegant Eva Fontanelli and Sara Moschini. Also great, Carlotta Oddi in her Alanui cardigans. Milan is more about trousers and dresses than denim and shirt, about shapes and colours, I keep falling for it’s super feminine vibe.



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