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sandra-5174it has been a crazy week and I am now totally late in posting these photos. I’ve been in Stockholm for just a day and a half and jetted to Amsterdam from there for a beautiful assignment with an Dutch actress. The constant city hopping is starting to wear on me, on one hand the type of life-style I imagined would be so fantastic and I created for myself, but now that the travelling gets so frequent, I hardly have time to really take it in and enjoy. Hmm, definitely something to work on, finding the balance with all that.

Then, I decided to move this week-end just before the big fashion weeks start, so I am sitting between boxes … in the end all very exciting news and I don’t want to continue to bore you with the excuses why I haven’t posted new pictures. This is actually a photo of myself wearing some of my favourite things this week, my Stella McCartney flare jeans and knit, I found them both on sale and still love them. Looking at the photo makes me want to get a new bag, I think with this kind of white in white style, a bag in natural beige would be better, what do you think ? Taking a photo of yourself is really good for that, you see what works and what doesn’t.

I rented a bike in Stockholm which is a great because it’s so easy with bike stations all over and the best way to get around. That is, if you are not as clumsy as I am, it takes a moment to get used to a new bike and I am surprised I didn’t fall on my bud ….sandra-5205My friend and great photographer Diego Zuko from American Harper’s Bazaar helped me take these shots, thank you !


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