Shooting during Paris Fashionweek – Video

During the Haute Couture shows back in July I shot a little video with filmmaker Katinka Omir whom I had previously worked with on Vestiaire Collective Style Stories. I know it seems ages ago and we are far from summer, but our film is finally done and I am so excited to share it with you.

I hope I can give you a little glance into my work during the fashion weeks and an idea of the passion I have for this type of photography. Of course, I’m terrified to see myself on camera and since I’m my worst critic, I wonder what I could have done differently and better. So I am very curious to hear your feedback !

There are constant discussions on street style photography, social media and the blogger business, there is a lot of critique out there and often rightfully so. I didn’t say this in the video, but shooting outside of the shows has come close to Paparazzi work, there is constant running and even shouting and bullying at this point. It is nearly impossible to take a ‘clean shot’, a portrait with no one in the background unless it is staged. I actually like to mix portraits with the more spontaneous snaps, there is a unique energy to them and you often discover amazing details at the time of the edit. But I obviously really hate the ‘paparazzi’ part of what is happening outside the shows and I think the most important is to remain respectful to the people that are being photographed.

What it comes down to for me is that I still love this type of photography. Yes, things get repetitive, but I believe in the endless creativity and new ideas of the designers and professionals (including many bloggers) and this is how I am still finding  inspiration.

As I say in the beginning of the video, when I started it was about the photography, since I had a photography and film background.

I was very much inspired by the Sartorialist back then, by the strong portraits but I also loved fashion photography. Over the years I trained my eye and learned so much about fashion that by now I would say I can’t separate fashion and photography anymore. I can still get a rush of excitement when I see a cool unique style, a sophisticated French woman, a new bag like the Louis Vuitton Petit Malle, a fringed denim or a beautiful girl that makes you dream.

And I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and styles as much I do enjoy discovering them.



  1. I never comment here but I think your blog is the best one around in terms of streetstyle! You have a great eye for style and you photograph girls that I don t see often (like Julia Gall, I love her) and the best looks on the street! Just keep on with your work 🙂


  2. I have also never commented, but wanted to tell you that your blog is part of my daily inspiration for all things beautiful. You are amazing at what you do, your photographs are fresh, and full of energy. The video is lovely, honest, and inspiring.

    In the words of Fyodor Doestoevsky, “Beauty will save the world.”

    • Thank you Tat, I really appreciate your feedback, and Katinka who shot the video will be happy as well. I’m glad if my blog can give some occasional inspiration.

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