My investment pieces

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I wanted to share some of my absolute wardrobe favorites with you even though it means showing pictures of myself, ¬†which oh well I am still not entirely comfortable with … I know I need to get over that.

– First off my absolute favorite coats, I love love love these two.

Coats are such a big theme every winter season and after years of buying compromises I decided to invest into Stella McCartney and I haven’t regretted it. I just love her tailoring. The faux fur Bryce coat is from last year, I like that it has a bit more of a glam factor, it’s a special thing to put on.

The Nayv Fiamma coat is a bit more ‘serious’, I like the strong revers and it’s the kind of wardrobe piece that will give you extra confidence. Funny how a coat changes how you carry yourself. The Fiamma also comes in beige which looks amazing when combined with an all white look, I went for navy because it suits me better and is easy to combine.

Another thing, both of these are super warm !

– My favorite denim for winter are these high waisted Mother Denim jeans, I feel that it’s easier to work the silhouette in winter with skinny jeans against voluptuous coats and boots. These Mother’s are particularly soft, I really can’t deal with uncomfortable tight things anymore. I als like J Brand.

– A black cashmere turtleneck by Equipment. Really a wardrobe staple for winter, goes with everything, I think they’re overpriced but still the nicest cut I could find.

– My Jimmy Choo Brody booties in suede. Oh ! I was crazy about these when I saw them on Emmanuelle Alt. Dreamt about them for a long time. They fit like a glove, and are super comfortable, the heel is quite low. I don’t wear the in the daytime so much because at this point it’s mostly flats for me but they are my favorite heel when going out.

– Almost forgot my little Falabella shoulder bag. Not an essential I would say but just the right amount of a small sparkly piece I wanted for winter, sometimes that stands out nicely against my pretty minimal wardrobe. The faux leather factor made it a better conscience buy too.


So here you go, some if my true favorites for Fall/Winter.

Just a little side note. These are of course very luxurious pieces and I don’t want to suggest that you need luxury pieces to look nice. I do think that at some point it makes sense to invest into more long-lasting quality pieces, a ‘buy less but better’ kind of thing, that’s what I am trying for myself. There are great lower priced coat options by COS and Filippa K and many more. For middle to higher priced I also love Joseph (really nicely cut), FWSS, Nili Lotan (only seen it on Garance and loved it), Max Mara for an amazing classic.

And here comes my related shopping gallery.


Photography by Jessica Weber