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So I’ve been back from Paris for a few days now and I’ve been incredibly lazy. Ok, I had a little job today but besides this I could hardly get myself to do anything productive, I just want to sleep and lay on the couch, typical case of post fashionweek exhaustion. At least, while I’m sitting on the couch, I have all these photos and amazing people from the last weeks in my head and there are so many images I want to post and that I will post when the time comes …

The one thing I’ve wanted to do for some time now is my very personal jeans report. And why am I opening the post with Elin Kling ? Well guess why, she just wears the skinny jeans a bit better than me and I only managed to take some bad snappy pics of myself … in fact I’ve seen Elin in close to nothing but head-to-toe black and skinny jeans this season, some variations with blue jeans and black trousers and sexy Jimmy Choo heels, very well done and very French Vogue. But ok, switching from Elin to myself because why not give a report from someone like me who is not a model but pretty average sized, my jeans size being around 28/32. Jeans are pretty much my daily wardrobe choice like for so many of us, easy, comfortable, great to work in, sexy ? At least that’s what I imagine since high-school and I tend to go for skinny versions, though after seeing myself in the photos I want to start searching for flared versions and nice trousers as well. Jeans are probably also the most bought item in my wardrobe, there are so many pairs that I don’t wear anymore because they stretched out too much, were too uncomfortable, moved down my butt while walking … etc etc, finding the perfect jeans is pretty much an ongoing obsession at this point.

I love searching for jeans while I’m traveling to New York, they just have so many varieties there and you can do a bargain on the more expensive brands if you come from Europe (as an example, I paid around 170 Dollars for a pairs of J Brands which cost around 260 Euros at Bon Marché in Paris …).

So here you go with my very own jeans report (sorry this post is sooo long)



 Mother Denim: I’ve discovered this brand last year after I found out that the designers come from the 7 for all mankind brand which has a really nice fit. Mother Denim is even better though, they have a Vintage vibe with nice washes and just amazing fits, plus they are comfortable. This is my new jeans in high rise, I also own a blue ‘Looker’ with a medium rise. My favorite jeans brand right now. Also let’s just say it, they give amazing shape to the derrière …

– On the downside the are expensive and pretty much insanely so in Europe. Paris Fashionweel day 8     wp_p2kt3mrgnh_jeans-6899

  J Brand: the Classic for black skinny jeans ? I have to say I gave in to the hype and started loving them more and more, they are super slimming and flattering and fit like a leggings. On this photo there were pretty new (27/32) and a bit too tight looking, but they stretch out nicely.

– my only downside so far, the might feel a bit too tight on my legs but as said they do stretch over time


  Acne Flex: I love white jeans and these are my favorites mid rise jeans. I am a big fan of Acne denim generally because of their style and fabric but unfortunately they don’t always fit my body. I own a black and blue Flex wash that totally stretched out. I tried to go down a size but was so uncomfortable that I had to return them. If they fit your body they are some of the best jeans out there, I really love the black/blue basement wash, beautiful jeans. I have yet to try out their new Skin 5 jeans, they look promising and finally cropped.




  Joe’s: I discovered this brand in New York and love them for their colors. They have 25 color choices, apparently it used to be 50 ! To me they are more easy, fun summer jeans, they are super soft and comfortable. The fit is not as sexy as some of the others ( I know I like to use that word a bit too often …), but I like their ease and the crop is great.



So these are some of my favorite pairs right now, a Current/Elliott would also be on my wish list. Everyone has a different body shape, but  It feels like these are generally pretty well fitting, especially if they have enough stretch. And sorry, I realize these are the more pricy jeans options. I used to own only H&M and Zara jeans which can also fit nicely but at some point I was looking for a more ‘grown up’ version I guess. Other jean suggestions are COS and Cheap Monday and a friend just recommended the Uniqlo skinnies.

So what do you think, I would love to hear your jeans stories !


  1. How tall are you!? Please do share.. I am 5’5” and just got a pair of J Brand black jeans. They are great, except they are little scratch (!) and I have to have them tailored (too long for me!)> I got straight jeans. I am trying to get into the skinny hype, but felt that if i spent close to $200 on a pair of jeans, straight cut might be a better investment…

    • Hi Azrakun, I’m 5’7′ so the length is actually fine but I have to admit they were scratchy in the beginning and I even had a bad skin reaction which went away after I washed them. I guess the cut always depends on the body type, I really want to check out some wider options for myself as well.

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