Power pants in shades of red

at Emporio Armani, Marina Larroude, Kenzo pants, Milan Fashionweek FW 2013I’m going into an important meeting on wednesday which of course begs the question, what to wear. It’s a really exciting project for me that I want to tell you more about, but it will be after June … so back to the dressing, I feel that as photographer you kind of have a free pass to dress however you like, when everyone wears suits and you wear the black jeans, boots and shirts you can pass as the wild creative one … or am I wrong ? I don’t really know, the truth is that I feel more comfortable with a little dressing and I love a good pair of statement trousers for that. I’ve been searching for red pants in ages, in the end I decided for this pair of Joseph which fit incredible, the only thing that threw me were the 100% Polyester part but it seems hard to find natural fabrics these days. Second question of course, what shoes to wear with it ? A pair of pumps would be cool maybe even in white, but then I might come across as someone who can’t carry heavy photo equipment … so you see still some considerations to make.

Here are some great samples of really cool red or reddish ‘statement’ trousers. I love Marina Larroude in her Kenzo pair in the 1st and 2nd shot, isn’t it nice to see how she combines them in different ways ?

, Paris Fashionweek day5

redpants-1963-2, Milan Fashionweek FW 2013

reds-6305Paris FashionweelNew York Fashionweek 2012, Leandra Medine, redNew York Fashionweek 2013, day 4, Nicole Warne, Nicole Warne, red pants, hatreds-6299

  1. dang.. this red pants style is such a strong confident statement. Definitely great for meetings.. It reminds me of Barcelona.. i saw quite a few guys sporting strong red pants with black tops and black shoes…

    What about Wedge Ankle booties? Jimmy Choo ( I think I got this link from your blog :-). I love them and want them so much!


    Best of luck!


    • Thank you ! Yes, I might just wear some ankle boots, I have a simple pair by Chloé. I still think pumps would be se so chic but maybe for an evening out in my case. And yes I love these Jimmy Choos, perfect ! did you ever find your perfect dress ? So many great posts on your blog right now, I need to check your suggestions, will also go on vacation soon ….

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