Saks Potts

Copenhagen Fashionweek SS2016, day 1Copenhagen Fashionweek SS2016, day 2 saks-20150806-5484 saks-20150806-5464 saks-20150806-5456 saks-20150806-5454 saks-20150806-5450 saks-20150806-5447 saks potts

New York Fashionweek is about to start and I will give you my daily updates as in the past seasons.

Just before I wanted to post about another Copenhagen Designer that impressed me in August. Barbara Potts on the first photo here is the young designer of ‘Saks Potts’. I love the coat she wears combined with the sandals. Her show was a lot of fun, bright fuzzy coats and masculine trousers. Céline seems to have an influence as on many others, but still, this is a fesh unique look that I would love to see more on the streets.

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