First Spring Colors

Paris Fashionweek day 6As much as I love simplicity, I also love eye candy when it’s well done. There is a difference between overloading on colors and patterns to please street-style photographers and between these ladies who look photogenic but really know what they’re doing, great styling and simply joy of dressing.I love the way my friend Tamu dresses, there is always something special and charming in her clothes, playful but also ladylike, and I feel the Milanese influence. It’s no secret that Tamu doesn’t wear much high street, instead she collects special designer pieces, I think it’s a treat to discover them on her. So here we go with a beautiful Stella McCartney skirt from the spring collections. And with Elisa Nalin and Natalie Joos joining it’s the perfect spring candy shot. By the way this was taken about a week ago in Paris, why is there snow right now outside of my window ?

Paris Fashionweek day 6 Paris Fashionweek day 6 Paris Fashionweek day 6


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